I understand that the Purpose of Summit 2014 is to glorify Jesus Christ individually and in community in attitude and action. When we live intentionally we will have a great time of fellowship together and build loving community within the context of this conference.
I understand the need to be responsible traveling and throughout Summit 2014 and follow these specific guidelines.  I realize that my actions do affect the safety and intentional community of this conference.

I agree to respect because:

  • I understand that I need to respect authority (Summit 2014 staff and leaders) and will follow their leadership.  I will also respect the authority of hotel staff.
  • I understand that I need to be compatible with and respectful towards EFC North America Christ-centered beliefs.
  • I understand that my respect of all people, property, and transportation is expected at all times as a testimony of my faith.
  • I understand that any group meeting times build this experience for me and the others that are attending, and so I will be there… on time!
  • I understand that members of the opposite sex are not allowed in my hotel room.
  • I understand that I need to limit my public display of affection (PDA) if I’m not married.
  • I understand the need to be quiet in hallways and rooms after 10:30 pm out of respect for other guests in the hotel.
  • I understand the impact that my entertainment choices can make on Christian fellowship.  
  • I understand that we will only listen to appropriate music and will not watch inappropriate or sexually explicit movies or programs.
  • I understand that I am not allowed to POSSESS or USE tobacco, alcohol, drugs, guns, knives, or any other objectionable materials.
  • I understand that my life is a process and a testimony reflecting the grace and love of Jesus Christ, my family and the Church.
  • I understand that students and adults should refrain from being alone together.