Summit desires to create space for conversations that can change your life in our nightly coffee houses. The networks which take place at conferences can open many long term relationships for Kingdom work.  It's important that we celebrate together as one community!  The coffee house will bring us together for great times.  Be sure to read up on the different coffee house themes each night so you are ready!   

Coffee House Night 1: 90’s GRUNGE NIGHT

Grab your flannel and bandana, don your guns and roses wig, and come ready to rock. Dress as your own individual “grunger” or work with others to impersonate a band.  


Dress as your favorite character from a book or movie. Go all out...what’s your genre? Anime? Sci-Fi? Steampunk? Calvin & Hobbes? Victorian? Bring it.  

Coffee House Night 3: SUPER HERO NIGHT

No explanation needed. Come as your favorite super hero...real or imagined. Practice your “pow,” “zap,” and “zing” sound effects before you hit the room.  

Coffee House Night 4: NEW YEARS EVE WHITE OUT

It’s 2015 and it’s time for a fresh start. This is the night for white everything. Get creative with the grease paint, baby powder, and everything else white and be ready to welcome the new year with your Summit friends.   Each coffee house evening will include:  

  • Coffee drinks
  • Flash fashion shows.
  • Themed music for dancing.